Week 44 Pool Banker Room 2022; Weekly Draws

Week 44 banker room 2022, Week 44 Pool Banker 2022, Pool Draw This Week 44 2022 Banker Room

Welcome to our pool banker room for the 2021/2022 season. We highly appreciate your contribution to our pool banker room, your efforts in ensuring prompt weekly winnings are highly valued by all visitors and members of this website.

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10 thoughts on “Week 44 Pool Banker Room 2022; Weekly Draws

  1. 9CBK
    Simple and easy. Anytime championship plays draw bar to bar i.e. game under the bar and game on the bar to repeat one of them the following week in order
    week 10 week 11
    9✔️ 19✔️. 9✔️ 19✖️
    week 20☔ week 21⚡
    10✔️19✔️. 10✖️19✔️
    week 22 week 23
    9✔️ 18✔️. 9✔️18✖️
    week 36☔ week 37⚡
    9✔️ 18✔️. 9✖️18✔️
    week 42 week 43
    9✔️ 17✔️. 9✔️17✖️
    number 9 is signed, sealed and delivered.
    Sharing alongside is an unbeatable pair that can deliver both as draws.
    33✔️ P 34✔️
    Also simple and easy
    Leyton O away on red coupon to play itself and/or game on top since the beginning of the season.
    Please play, Win and remember the source.

  2. Every purple choose beetwen 5and13 for one draw, check this current season.. 5 & 13pair every purple.

  3. Welcome to week 44. Play= 2*7*13*38*40. Brief prove: Any week 44 you see Southampton @ no 2 away and Everton @ no 7 away Mark them as 2 draws ie (2/2). And the cutting of bar @ 39/40, mark 38 and 40 as 2 draws. Ref. Week 44, 2018/2019 and 2019/2020. Admin na you be Oga.

  4. END OF WK-43,2021/2022 OBSERVATION

    Let’s try it this way…
    P……44 ?/3

    L…..44 ?/5

    family of Week number to produce winning line
    Wk-42 {blue} current…
    42✅✅✅ 3/5

    Wk-43 {Red} current…
    43✅✅✅ 3/5

    Wk-44 {Purple} current…
    44‍♀️ ?/5

    ❇️❇️ LORD HAVE MERCY ❇️❇️

  5. Wk 43 == 33cbk (dusted)
    Wk 44 == 6cbk is possible!
    Prove: Any time Crystal P. fixtures in Purple this current season it picks up a draw.
    3/3 is possible!
    Try me!

  6. Week42
    Brighton vs Southampton No:02 draw
    Brighton 8letters
    No:08 Newcastle away

    Bristol R. vs Forest G draw
    Bristol R. 8letters
    No:08 Newcastle away

    Birmingham vs Millwall draw
    Millwall 8letter
    No:08 Newcastle away

    Brentford vs Southampton No:02 draw
    Brentford 9letters
    No:09 Newcastle away

    Mansfield vs forest G. draw
    Mansfield 9letters
    No:09 Newcastle away

    Birmingham vs Blackburn draw
    Blackburn 9letters
    No:09 Newcastle away

    Week44 Nap=02*11*30

  7. Liverpool on top Man City home

    Blackburn away under the bar with letter “B” draw
    Bradford C, home draw
    Rochdale away draw

    Millwall pair Swansea


    Reff Wk11.20.44

  8. BURNLEY vs ASTON V. xxxxxxx4xxxxxxBANKER. When the summutation of WOP gives position LIVERPOOL @ home. CARDIFF must stay @away. Addition of her position. the awswer to locate ASTON V. @away for a gazetted. Date of play to give the second draw. If taking to LOTTO SEQUENCE. of special advance fixtures. BRISTOL R. to draw @ home on the same family digit with HULL CITY. Ref current week 42. ======================== Prove of no 10. is from RSK. Soccer 1.2.X Ratings. since week 41. any digit that is rated 10% plus+ code 3. the answer to draw. ======================== WINNINGLINE: xxxx4xxx7xxx10xxxx. Admin, weldone sir!

  9. Good afternoon. My pair for week 44 is: 19XX p 29XX. Prove: CAF. Since week 36 every purple, mark game 3 of second triangle of goodluck box & its next family digit down for a pair of one or two potential draws. Ref: wks 36, 40, 44 current season. Good luck.

  10. Welcome to WK 44 play as 3 over 3
    Whenever number 07 is found in game 1 of Treble Jinx, therefore bank on game 6 and 13 of Treble Jinx,a also, game 8 of Short List to draw ref WK 5,12,30,44,2021/2022 season. good luck everyone.

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