Week 3 Pool Banker Room 2022; Weekly Draws

Week 3 banker room 2022, Week 3 Pool Banker 2022, Pool Draw This Week 3 2022 Banker Room

Welcome to our pool banker room for the 2021/2022 season. We highly appreciate your contribution to our pool banker room, your efforts in ensuring prompt weekly winnings are highly valued by all visitors and members of this website.

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Here are the rules and regulations guiding visitors to post/comments banker on this thread. It is important to pay attention to this set of rules or guide in order for you to get your bankers approved by our administrator. Failure to keep to these terms will attract automatic disqualification.


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5 thoughts on “Week 3 Pool Banker Room 2022; Weekly Draws

  1. Congrats !
    Last week 9x pair 19f unfailling wk_2 pair deliver with super prove posted in dis

    group.Week_3 »
    bank on no.35cbkx

    To confirm the key» position of MONTROSE plus second date of play answer must locate RANDERS vs ODENSE
    Livingston @9 to control 3/3 draws and one 2-2 c.score and unfailling pair.
    ..special advance fixture..
    Wk_3 2021
    Dundee vs forfar at 3
    Livingston @9.
    Livingston + cowd’beath=19+9=28
    Young boys at 28
    28 – 3=25
    Basel at 25.
    Grassh’pers + basel=15 + 25 =40
    Randers vs Odense at 40x cbk draw.

    Montrose at 14
    Second date 26th

    Week_3 2022
    Dundee vs forfar at 3
    Livingston at 9.
    Livingston + kelty h=16+9=25.
    Young boys at 25
    Basel at 22.
    Basel + servette =13 + 22=35
    Randers vs Odense at 35cbk draw

    Montrose at 11
    Second date 24th

    This new english/scottish we are using LIVINGSTON ajax SEQUENCE BOOKLET

  2. It hurts me that last week 2, 4cbk cut my nap in discussion room, 4ff 5XX 49XX 2/3.
    This week 3, trust me my banker must deliver:
    Visit discussion room for my nap.
    Prove for 16cbk:
    St. Mirren @ home on top bar in week 3 red movement, count 4 down to meet Club Brugge as your fixed draw.
    See WK3 July 2021.
    Try me!

  3. Welcome to New season.

    And I pray for Success this season ijn amen.

    Week 3. 2022

    Pair = 33/34

    Prove games at No 37 and 39 in week 3, 2021 will draw and interchange in week 3, 2022 for 1/2, 2/2 MUST

    Week3. : 2021
    brondby vs Viborg 37***
    Nordsjaelland vs Aarhus 39 ****

    Week 3 : 2022
    Aarhus vs Viborg awaiting result 33???
    brondby vs Nordsjaelland awaiting result 34 ???

  4. Good morning my follow stalkers, welcome to new English/Scottish season, we pray for God to show us green light as the season goes ahead, Hon. Admin I greetings..
    Here we go, with Montrose @ family of one ontop of peterhead away, while Morton will be @ family of zero home, open ur previous English season wk 19 match played on 13/14 November 2021..
    Come to this week 03, same settings arrived again, Bank on Montrose 11 cbk, next family number up no 1xx next family 2 families down 21xx and 31xx so let’s go for this four draws, 1xx11xx21xx31 good luck, admin pls Post thanks..

  5. Welcome to English Season 2022/23.

    Warm greetings and my official welcome package to all with a special arrangement for everyone who cares.
    We thank God for the previous season as we recorded fair performance and hoping to put more efforts to get better this New English season 22/23.

    Last week,I made a post that I would put everything on hold till we get a reliable and dependable information before I surface to make everyone happy again, We thank God that it comes early like this.

    Meanwhile, Let’s see maybe we could begin the season with good and great results but believe me that whatever I bring or post here I have used it to win before.

    Week03 Red.

    Perm with xx31xx

    Remember that in week 45 in this just concluded season,I posted 5/5 in this blog.

    It comes again this week 03,we hope for same outcome if Cardiff board allows.

    Proof::: Bigwin Front page,the two compilers X taken to the Hot system in page2 must vomit 2/2 when set like that and certain conditions must be met before you take them as drwas. so,mark 36 and 37 as 2/2.

    Now, Here’s the mathematical involvement.

    Sum up the individual numbers together and then add the answer together to get a fixed draw. That is,( 36=3+6=09,37=3+7=10) thus, 10+09=XX19XX

    Let’s try this again maybe the season can begin with something good and great.

    Succes to all,God bless you all.

    Congratulations to all users.

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