Pool Draw This Week 27; 2020 Banker Room – Please Proof Your Best Banker, Pair or Winning Line Here!

Welcome to Sure Bet Way one banker challenge forum.

In this banker forum, you are required to post just you best banker or pairs or winning line with concrete proofs and well-explained sequences backed up with appropriate references.

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Please note that selling of games is not accepted in SureBetWay one banker room any advert sales post will be deleted with effect and spam comments are highly prohibited.

The aim of creating this forum is to enhance communication between stalkers all over the world and sharing ideas towards regular winnings weekly. So whatever you post here that is not in terms with our guidelines will be deleted.

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  1. gud evening admin and to everyone, its nize being here with yu guys
    im Victor Blessing but you can call me Viki-Bless
    its just my first time here, and my pleasure.
    guess im welcomed.

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